TDB with data in the application

After launching my application, it needs data from the google sheet, but it takes some time. Can I put TDB with data in the application?

You cannot store data in the TinyDB when in development that will load after compiling the app (for the first time). You could use a csv file to load data without having to download from your google sheet.

Is it a very large dataset you are downloading from your google sheet, usually, over wifi, it only takes a few seconds to load a full sheet of data? What method are you using ?

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831 lines with 69 numbers, that's over 57,000 numbers. I download using the WEB component.

Download takes approximately 15 minutes

Are you downloading each line one after the other, that is, making 831 calls to the spreadsheet (instead of just 1) ?

I call each of the 831 lines one by one and put each of the 69 numbers in a list.

I setup a google sheet with 69 columns and 831 rows of data

On wifi it took 2 seconds to fetch the data.

Yes, you would then need to sort out your lists in the app.....


to do that you could export TinyDB while developing the app and import it again in production on first run of the app, see also

however it looks like that extension is not available anymore? you will have to contact @Atom_Developer