Target rotation

I have 2 lists

list 1
A,B,C,D,E people

list 2
N.Y., Ariz., Flor., Calif., L.A. Destinations

I need that in week 19
Monday start as follows.

based on the alphabetical order of the lists

A will go to: Ariz.
B will go to: Calif.
C will go to: Flower.
D will go to: L.A.
E will go to: N.Y.

and in MAR

move to the second in the list to alter the order

and that in this week, the first 5 days, 2 people never coincide in the same destination.

The sequence should be maintained for week 20

taking into account that on Saturday of week 19 the rotation began again


some example

  1. Sort "list 2" alphabetically
  2. Use that for "Lun
  3. Get the value for the first item in "list 2", then remove index 1 from "list 2", then add that value to "list 2" (it will go to the end)
  4. Use that for "Mar"

Repeat 2,3 & 4

get to this point
Now the question is how do I keep it correlative for week 20?

To avoid complications, I will start in week 1.

I plan to make a list of the 8 elements and get the last element to start again
I don't know if it will be convenient

If that were the case, how would I put my if conditional?

knowing that I start in week 1 and it will change weekly

once being in week 2 you should also return to week 1 and obtain the starting values

I can't figure out how to set the IF condition.

If you increase X by one

If you decrease X by one

These would be appropriate but I don't know how to interpret them.

knowing that I will have a major numeral in front and a minor numeral in the back
all based on the 52 or 53 weeks that the year may have

any suggestions?

What data is going in here?


Different data ?

Not quite what you were after but:

rotateLocations.aia (32.5 KB)

(this is setup to work from the current week to the end of the year)

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There is one detail I would like to add.

In this case we are in week 19

I would like to add a button to scroll or select the next 5 rows

this way see week 20

try to make it scroll with the extension (ScrollHandler)
but the pixels play tricks on me so it's not feasible I think

It would only be to display 5 rows of the week in another way

Is there any other way to display the 5 rows?

Possible to just show one week, then have Next/Previous buttons to move forwards and backwards through the weeks, also displaying the week number (and date), how does that sound ?

And here is is:


rotateLocationsRevised1.aia (36.1 KB)

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perfect just how I wanted it

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