Target API level 31

good evening, do you know if app inventor will update the configuration so that new apps come out with the api31 form? Cheers

The AI2 team is working on the targetSdk 31 update and I think it will be available soon.

You currently only have two options:

  1. Waiting for the targetSdk 31 update or
  2. follow my instructions.

Hi, @Anke thanks for your support.
The Manuel way is quite time-consuming (for me :sweat_smile:) and is pointing out how strong a product app inventor really is! HOPE the team has plenty of strong coffee and that the next update is available soon :slight_smile:

Hi, I have over 90 educational apps published and this morning (August 10th) I encountered the same problem. Google play now requires API Level 31. We've been through this before, especially when they stopped accepting APK and started requiring AAB. There are options to try to generate the AAB File on the KODULAR Platform. Just import your AIA file on that platform, but I believe they are also using API Level 30 there. I suggest waiting for the update of the great platform, APP INVENTOR.

I hope I was helpfull.

Please how can sign aab file with my keystore????

Thank you

If your project is urgent, maybe you can get a temporary solution through, but it should be noted that there is no guarantee that the built app can run stably on android 12 currently.

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Robert, a developer can do this however he/she still needs to wait for the arrival of nb190 later this month. Your suggestion can be used to test the creation of the aab however it is NOT SUITABLE for submission to Google Play yet. :cry:

Just to clarify a few things since there appears to be a bit of confusion in this thread.

  1. AAB build support is available in production App Inventor, and has been for a while now.
  2. Only new apps need to target SDK 31 at this time. Existing apps that are updated have until Nov 1, 2022 so this does not affect any previously published apps.
  3. As mentioned, we do have a test version at ai2-test that targets SDK 31 as part of our summer upgrade. It's important to manage your keystores properly if you plan to use that server in the interim because it is a completely separate system from ai2. While we believe this system is mostly stable it is a beta version and may not meet your needs.

I do all the steps that @Anke tell me and
I update in the manifest to target 31 and i convert to aab file then I sign it with the mit app inventor keystore
When I publish to google play this message show to me
You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle which has an activity, activity alias, service or broadcast receiver with intent filter, but without the 'android:exported' property set. This file can't be installed on Android 12 or higher

I think this is a second problem
I hope you solve the problem because ai2 is very important for me

See my post → #13


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Import your project (aia) to and build the APK and check the Manifest (compare it with your edited Manifest).

You can also try to create the AAB (on the test server) and upload it to Google Play (developer console) as an internal test track and wait for the Pre-launch report.


If your app is a new app (and only in this case you must target SDK 31), you do not need to import the keystore from AI2. You can use the new keystore that the test server generates for you.

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Ok thank you yes it's a new application

@Anke Soy nuevo en esto es mi primera app que creo. Pero la verdad no entiendo nada de lo que escribiste. Podrias ser tan amable de aplicarme como edito o abro el manifiesto. Para poder seguir sus instrucciones. Cuando saldria la actualización de la que hablan.

How can do it? Plz send sreenshot

I m facing same problem, google play gave error due to api level 31. I cant upload my .aab file. What is the solutions? Thanks,

Did you read the solutions provided in the topic ?


Yes i read and i generated new .aab file from test page, took this message

The Android App Bundle is signed with the wrong key. Make sure your App Bundle is signed with the correct signing key and try again. Your App Bundle is expected to be signed with the certificate with the following fingerprint:
SHA1: 85:AA:C2:08:25:82:EF:FC:CE:DB:9F:20:C4:00:FE:A3:30:C2:0E:98
. The certificate used to sign the App Bundle you have installed has the following fingerprint:
SHA1: 94:5F:D6:41:7F:E8:70:40:A3:B7:40:18:E4:30:6C:FC:31:BD:EB:9D