Take several photos, save them to a specific location and send a command to an arduino

hi! im making an app that allows me to take some picture (im using taifun camera extension) and in between the shots i need to send a carater over bluetooth
im able for now to take a single picture and then send the command, but i need a loop like this

-choose the number of shots
-take picture automatically
-save the picture
-send the caracter over bluetooth
-repeat this for the chosen number of shots

im currently using a for loop but it takes the picture without saving them anywhere and it sends the bluetooth command, but i need to wait for the picture firts

Use the clock component instead of a loop.

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in the meantime i've add a save function so i can choose the namefile and added a counter for multiple savings, it works but only for the first shot, then it only takes the shots without repeating the .afterpicture iteration

now im trying the clock method