Take a screenshot

Read this Some basics on Android storage system
and use the file component together with the Copy method
And if you got stuck, post a screenshot of your relevant blocks


If I use these blocks, where in the device will the user be able to find the screenshot?

Well, we already talked about this several times meanwhile... the screenshot will be saved in ASD...

And if you take a look at Label2.Texf, there you get the complete path to the taken screenshot...

Example taken from the documentation at App Inventor Extensions: Take Screenshot | Pura Vida Apps


Do I find this in the settings of the phone? Where is the storage?

How can the user access the ASD? Is it possible to move something from the ASD to the gallery of the phone?

The user can't access the ASD

The gallery app can display all images, which are stored in shared storage.. therefore as already said you have to copy the file from ASD to shared storage...

What abouf reading again the Some basics on Android storage system


How do I do that?

Use a good file manager, for example Total Comnander to access the ASD of your app


I have to do that before publishing the app or does the user have to do that in order to transfer the screenshots?

Use the file component and it's Copy method
as already said...
It is now time for you to try something...


Thank you very much! I just found it. You have helped me a lot! :grinning: :partying_face: Sorry for asking too many questions but it is my first app and I have to finish it for a school project.

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