Take a photo with camera and store in DB

Hi everyone, since the internet and in the guides there are only apps that store photo shoots with static tags, I'm trying the potential of Tinydb and CloudDB. I want to memorize photo shoots both on TinyDB and on CloudDB and then load them with the two methods. (This app is just a prototype.)
Someone of good will can help me?

Camera_tinyDB_CloudDB.aia (3.6 KB) I leave you the .aia file

Please explain what your issue is?

You do understand that tinydb will only store a path to a file?
CloudDb can store the image itself (it converts it to base64) but this will take a while given the potential size (4-8mb) of the camera picture.

Well you can use firebase http://console.firebase.google.com/ and use firebase storage extension https://community.thunkable.com/t/free-firebasestorage-extension-v2-0-new-version/8544 to store the photos and don't forget to allow all (read and write).

I'm experimenting with the two storage objects

Thank you


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you can store data into Google Drive too

So it must have been very urgent. :wink: