Taifunzip Directoryname doesnt exist


I've built an app that lets you make folders and take pictures to save in these folders.
That part works but I'd like to Zip the folder to be send via Email.

This is where I've hit a problem with Taifunzip.
Thats the app's mainfolder and a created / project folder.

I use that Directory plus the /Storage/emulated/0/ as a directoryname for Taifunzip.
But when I do this it tells me the directory does not exist.

I added a test button to show me what the directoryname is
And that shows me: /sotrage/emulated/0/Mainfolder/Projectnaam

On the phone this is where they endup:

any help would be greatly appreciated

try a relative path, which is /Mainfolder/Projectnaam


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Show all (relevant) blocks ...

See also here:

Thank you for youre response,

I've tryed using the relative path to no succes.
What other blocks could be relevant?
and the link you've put talks about unzipping a file to the assets folder.

where as I want to Zip a folder from within an app made folder I might get this wrong but those are 2 different directory's?

These are the steps.
One button has these commands under it
This creates the folder and sets that as the directory text

This tells the canvas to save int he directory folder with a name based on mmdd+puntnummer and as a .jpg

The above mentioned works.
So I can end up with a folder with a few pictures in it and that is the folder I would like to make a .zip file out of by pressing another button.

I dont konw what other blocks are relevant.

Create a (small as possible) test aia and post it.

See also here:

Good tip to try it smale scale first.

Above the green line works below does not.
Here is the .aia

Testzip2.aia (209.0 KB)

On Android ≥ 10:

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Testzip3.aia (214.3 KB)

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Thank you for youre help.
Its working again.
last time I did this must have been in an olderversion of android.

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