TaifunSqlite1.Export - will not execute

I use TaifunSqlite1.Export. When writing a record to dbKnihy.db, it is OK in assets, but the export to the file on the sdcard is not performed. where can the error be?

No (it is written / saved in the root dir of the ASD):

Extension version? (Version 2a works fine.)


I'll ask one more time, I guess I don't understand it properly...
My Sqlite database is in the mobile directory /MojeSubory/dbKnihy.db which is in the global variable gDBName.

To start the app, I call IMPORT

I assume that then dbKnihy.db will be saved in the directory:
All db updates take place in this directory while the app is running.
Only when I call EXPORT, then the file dbKnihy.dd is saved on SD in the address book:

Is that so?

And again:

SQlite database extension. Version 2a as of 2021-11-15.
Extension Version: 2
Date Built: 2021-11-15

Where does the database come from.
How was it stored there:
/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/edu.mit.appinventor.aicompanion3/files/MojeSubory/dbKnihy.db :question:

From the documentation App Inventor Extensions: SQlite | Pura Vida Apps

Export database.
Note : Starting with SDK30 Android restricts accessing the file system. Therefore starting from Version 2 of the extension the database will be stored in the ASD - application specific directory /storage/emulated/0/Android/data//files . As fileName just use the filename without slashes.

You then can copy the database to shared storage using the file component... see also Some basics on Android storage system