TaifunScreenshot WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE problem

I am trying to use the TaifunScreenshot extension. I can't figure out to save the images.

When my screen loads, I ask for permission as so.


When I actually run the app I get the following error message ...

Unfortunately, in the OS I cannot change any permission. It reads "No permission required". Do I need to use the File component and set scope to something? Also, is it possible to save the file in the default folder where regular photographs are stored? If so, how might I do that?

You can't use that permission with API30 / Android 11

Save your screenshot to the ASD

Here is how to get to it:

[EDIT - see below for new version of extension...]

thank you for the bug report... I will adjust the extension for SDK30...

Starting with the SDK30 release Android restricts accessing the file system. Therefore you have to store the screenshot in the ASD now...

meanwhile you can do this to store the screenshot in the ASD... the extension expects a relative path...

the file extension you can find here https://puravidaapps.com/file.php


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I now adjusted the extension to store the screenshot in the ASD - Application Specific Directory
no permissions are required anymore...

you can download version 2 from the Download section here https://puravidaapps.com/screenshot.php
Thank you.


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Well done... Google guys want to create new workload every day