Taifuns AlarmManager

Hi to all,

I have now been using Taifun's 'TaifunAlarmManager' Extension for about 3 months and I have to say that it works perfectly in all respects.

It gives a call whenever I want (and with repetitions) and it can be used both as Taifun has made it and by deconstructing it to fit in your own projekt.

At the same time, I have learned something new, that I could not find any answer to, namely, that if you have downloaded an Extension and put it into your projekt, then if there is a fix for this Extension, then you only need to update the existing Extension, which then will be overwritten with the new one and then it all will work.

There is no lead to drag it into your projekt itself, where it will stand with a different name (e.g. TaifunAlarmManager1 --> TaifunAlarmManager2) which you then need to correct in the functions to make it work properly.

So only get a fix to an Extension ONE TIME, WITH NO DRAGGING IT INTO YOUR PROJEKT.

For those who know all this, don't take any action, and for those who do not know this, here you go.

That is all.


Can you please explain in more detail what this is about?
So where is the problem and what is the goal?

Same questions ...

I can only explain (for me as a dummy and all more or less dummies) that I thought, when there was an upgrade to an existing EXTENSION, then
the upgrade (when I press the bottom 'IMPORT EXTENSION') would of course overwrite the existing EXTENSION and after that, I should put or drag the new EXTENSION into my projekt once again (wich gives me the different name (TaifunAlarmManager2).

But Taifun said, that when he released a new EXTENSION free of known errors, then the program (AI2) reads from the new EXTENSION, automatic (and that means I don't have to drag it into my projekt again).

I am sorry that my IT-level only lies on 20% - 40% of an fully educated programmer (but I thought that AI2 also was made for those with less IT-skills), but my
IT-level gets higher and higher every day, when I work with AI2.

Sometimes when a 'Programmer' and a 'User' talks to each other, it seems that the user talk in the 'west' and programmers hear it in the 'east', and therefore it can give you some problems with the conversation (especially when you, at the same time, are from different countries and by the way, I have worked as 'user' Boss in a IT-Company for over 25 years, so I know the problems).

I hope I have made it clear what I meant, otherwise you should write me again.


Yes, you just need to import the new version.

Sometimes, however, you have to reload the browser so that the new version is correctly integrated / works with Comanion. And sometimes I have to delete the AppInventor or assets folder before I connect to Companion so that the new version is adopted.

Thank you Anke (and Taifun) it was exactly what I meant.

thank you for your feedback