TaifunFTP works only in wifi {solved: website limits ftp uploads to declared ip addresses only]

Hi, I use TaifunFTP to transfer an image from my smartphone to my web space. It works perfectly when the smartphone is wifi connected. If I use the normal data connection it gives me this error: Error during login: check userid and password.
Obviously userid and password are correct. What can it depend on?
Thank you

I just tested this and did not get any issues...

try the example project, add your server address, user id and password, build the project and test in on your device like this: first use wifi conection and upload a file, then disable wifi and try to upload another file... what do you get now?


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Hello Biagio

Sorry for asking, but is it obvious that UserID and Password are correct? They are not the same for WiFi and Data connections - how do you apply them? Hard-coded in the App? Typed in on demand?

Hi Taifun,
I did a simple test.
I take a photo and save it on my web space.
If I am wifi connected it works, otherwise it gives me this error:
Error during login: check userid and password.
But userid and password are the same ...

you are using an AskForPermission block in the Screen.BackPressed event? That's strange...

as already said

what about following the suggestion

you can find the example ftp project in the download folder of the ftp extension


Hi Taifun, I tried with the example project and it gives me the same error.
It is not the extension but the website that limits ftp uploads to the declared ip addresses only. And for this it only works with wifi. The problem is that I should enable the ip addresses of everyone who uses the app. I have to see if there is a different way to upload the files.
Thanks for your help.

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thanks for letting me know

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