TaifunCamera Storage Error


i want to test TaifunCamera, but im trying test with AI Companion the result like this ;

im trying test on apk, the result like this :slight_smile:

im check file picture.jpg on my storage, and its save to my storage , but on the application, image1 dont show the picture.

can you help me ? thanks

What is the Android version of device you are testing on?

Samsung Galaxy A50, android version 9.0 (pie)

see my answer in Q2 here App Inventor Extensions: Camera | Pura Vida Apps

Starting with the SDK30 Android restricts accessing the file system. Therefore you have to store the image in the ASD now... in my file extension you can find a method for that.

Up to SDK29 it was possible to store something in an arbitrary directory. Starting from SDK30 unfortunately this is not possible anymore. We only have access to the ASD and shared storage, i.e. for photos the folder /DCIM and /Pictures. To copy or move a taken picture to the shared storage, please use the new file component. Note: currently as of August 30, 2021 there are still some bugs in the file component which have to be fixed, see for example this thread..


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