Taifun wifi extension and esp8266

I'm using Taifun Wifi Extension with ESP8266 in AccessPoint mode, and I can´t send information from the app to the ESP8266 using Web.PostText. I get "Error 1103: Unable to complete the given request with the text "Hola" with the specified URL:".

Some more data:
WifiExtension is V16

App works properly if ESP8266 is in station mode and APP is on the same if I don`t use Taifun Wifi (i receive the data in that way), but i need to connect directly in the app to the ESP8266 because it is going to be used isolated from the net, so i need this extension.

I'm connected to the Wifi with Taifun WifiExtension, and I don't get an IP ¿is it normal? It happens even if I use the example of the extension.

Extension information establish that it is not possible to access to internet using the extension, but I try to connect using web module to send data to the local network LAN.... ¿Some idea how solve it?


The app also send data with web.postext if ESP8266 is in AccessPoint mode and I connect using general settings of the mobile phone (ESP8266 receive text data), but no using WifiExtension.

use the example project, connect to an SSID (as test you could also use another SSID rather than the ESP8266) , then click get local IP or get IP address of Access Point and you should get the corresponding ip address... I just tested again on Samsung Galaxy A54 running Android 14 together with one of my SSIDs

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the terms station mode and access point mode. I will do some more reading later...

While you are connected using the peer to peer API, no internet connection is available and not all information are available.

the following methods do not return a value: getSSID, getBSSID, getConnectionInfo
all other methods are working: get local IP, get Available SSIDs, is 5 GHz band supported, get Signal strength, get IP address of Access Point, get DNS servers


I've proven to connect with the example app added given with the extension to my home wifi network (instead of the esp8266 one) as you advice me. And the result is nearly the same. It seems to be connected

as you can see on the next photo, but no IP is given as global conection (so the wifi simbol on the top appear with an exclamation mark

This is the result if i connect with the system settings to my wifi network.

But, if ask for the ip inside the example app, one is given although it doesn't appear on the systems settings information. It's is a bit weird. Here the photo. Ip and exclamation mark.

The problem seems to be that in my phone system (Redmi note 10 - Android), the extension doesn't give the date to the system about the Ip information or something.....


yes, connected to your SSID, however without internet access according to the Wi-Fi Network Request API for peer-to-peer connectivity

here is an overview of what is possible after Android 10: https://developer.android.com/develop/connectivity/wifi/wifi-infrastructure
the extension uses the second option, the Network request API

  • Network request API: targets apps that need to connect to a peer device, such as when configuring an IoT device or transferring files to a camera. In such cases, the peer device starts up a SoftAP and the API allows the app to guide the user to connect to the device. The resulting network is not intended to provide internet access, can't be used by the system, and can't be used by any app except the configuring app.
    • User selection and approval is required the first time a connection is made to a new peer.
    • Intended for IoT configuration apps and IoT file transfer apps.


starting from version 17, the extension now also supports the network suggestion API
for details see