Taifun sqlite not saving info into sqlite database

Hello all.,
I am learning taifun sqlite .
I have a problem of not saveing the string into the sqlite database.

So when i insert a string in the sqlite database and then query it shows the string.
but when i close out of the app and open the app again the string is not in the sqlite database.

I can see the same results if i complie the apk or use the companion.

Here is blocks

Here is project file
project contains a paid extension and has been removed
Here is video.

I wornder is this a read/write issue with android.
If so could someone help me with this .

Thanks for any help.

in Screen1.Initialized, you import external file, which overwrite the existing record.
So need to check if this database exists or not.If not, import the file, otherwise do nothing.

Posting a project, which contains a paid extension in a public community is against my terms and conditions
You are not allowed to distribute the extension in any form to others

And concerning your question as @Kevinkun already mentioned... the example project shows you how to do it...


Sorry about the post with the paid extension . I did not think of that when I exported the project.

I will remember not to do that in the future.

Thanks for the help i figured i was doing something wrong.

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