Taifun speech recognition offline mode

Hi… i am using Taifun Speech Recognizer extension, is it possible to use it offline?

Perhaps. Did you try it? What happened? Probably not much unless you you have the Google offline SpeechRecognizer software installed on your device and your device operating system is Jelly Bean or higher?

See this StackOverflow discussion (for Java users) but applicable probably to AI2


i tried to disconnect from network, and it didn’t work. yesterday i sent email to taifun, and he said it is not possbile, because it uses google API. I cannot use AI2 speech recognizer, because it is only work in English. I need to use Indonesian language also. Do you have any suggestion?

my extension is based on the built in speech recognizer, so if the built in speech recognizer does not work offline, so will the extension not work offline


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