Taifun qr -> file not found

Hi Taifun and all,
I used the qr.aia (from puravida) to create a apk, then installed it on an tablet.
I got the error: file://mnt/sdcard/AppInventor/assets/qr.html could not be load
It works on other devices.
The tablet has Android 5.1.1.
Is it to old? Can I do other to make it work on it?


There is a variable (global development) that indicates if you are running the compiled or the AI Companion, have you checked that it is correct? (when you are in AI Companion you have to set it to true and when you compile to false)

qr_Anke.aia (82.6 KB) → @Taifun

This works on all Android versions.

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Thank you Anke,
is the aia somehow protected? I try to paste it to my project, but it enters the backpack, but in my project it is not visible in the backpack.

You need to import the extensions first:

Yes, I got it.
is this a normal behavior, that contents in the backpack are not visible if extensions are missing?