Taifun Player Extension little noise sound at the end of a mp3-track

I have a problem with a little noise at the end of each track. This noise only appears if the sound in this track starts immediatelly at the beginning of the track. (TaifunPlayer Loop is set to false)
Because upload does not support mp3: I startet to whistle, then pressed "record" on my sound-recorder, continued to whistle for 1 second and after another second of silence i stopped the recording. When i play this piece with the TaifunPlayer you will hear the whistle, the silence und then for 100 mSec the whistle again.
The Standard-Player does not show this effect. Extension is
Enhanced Player Extension. Version 1g as of 2022-04-09.
Extension Version: 1 Date Built: 2022-04-09.

Yes, this is a problem with the TaifunPlayer extension that I'm well aware of (which is generated by the modified MediaPlayer related to its loop ability).

Why don't you use the Player component?


Thank you very much for your attention,

these filetypes are supported for uploading to the help board

For the standard-player i found no solution for reading from external (movable)
SD-card /storage/341C-14F8/ for instance instead of /storage/emulated/0/ on Samsung S20 Android 13 , TaifunPlayer works well

It is possible. Show what you have tried - your relevant blocks.

rename it (x.mp3) to x.mp4

Your advice to simplify the problem worked well, the StandardPlayer can read from movable Sd-Cards, but in my case the name of the mp3-File contained a Blank or Space which is for the TaifunPlayer no problem. Substitution with %20 worked fine with the StandardPlayer.

By the way: I made a clock-routine for the TaifunPlayer noise-problem at track-end: if trackduration minus playerposition < 500 msec then set player Volume to 0, sometimes it works (smile), setting volume to 0 at the PlayerCompleted Event seems to be to late.

Some audio-books ( 9 - 15 hours readings) have several hundred mp3 tracks with a duration of 2-3 minutes each so the TaifunPlayer behavior at trackend is very disturbing. Some audio-books are only splitted into a few mp3 tracks

My solution is: short mp3 tracks ( < 10 minutes or so) = StandardPlayer, long mp3 tracks ( hours of readings) = TaifunPlayer because of the "StartAt Position" ability.

Thank you for your assistance

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