Taifun FTP extension no longer working after Kodular upgrade

Hi, my APP was working fine but since Kodular upgrade many things are nor working properly one of them is Taifun FTP that no longer upload files.
I cannot say if the extension is experiencing problems or the upload problem is a consequence of some other problem.
|Looking for assistance.

Please ask in the Kodular community for this. Also, Kodular has their own FTP component, maybe you can use that.

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Yes, almost nothing is working properly there.

Then try the extension here with AI2. Where is the problem to check this?

The built in Kodular FTP lacks some features I need.
The Taifun FTP extension page asks to post related problem on this forum...

Hi, I don't quite remember the features I need that made me look for an alternative for the built in Kodular FTP functionality but I changed because something did not work for my purpose.
May be better wait a little and see if the Kodular people can fix those problems that will likely fix Taifun FTP as well.
Hope is not a good strategy but may be the most appropriate at the moment due to the extensive modifications I may be required to do.

And again: where is the problem of creating a small test app that only tests / checks the functions of the extension?

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No, yes, this is something I can do while no other option is available.
Good idea thanks

First of all you are using Kodular, so you should ask your question there

Unfortunately you did not provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we only can guess what happened...

Follow this advice

Most probably you are trying to upload or download from/to a directory, which is not accessible anymore? Use only shared storage or ASD, see also Some basics on Android storage system

And if there are still issues after following this advice, open a new thread in the Kodular community. Thank you.

PS: I will close this thread