Taifun "Copy to clipboard" slight issue - formatting

I would like for the copied data to paste all in one line - same as it is in the text box.
for some reason it will randomly, but consistent to an index position, split and newline the data mid string upon pasting into email (or anywhere).
I assume its a slight formatting thing i'm doing - just cant seem to track it down.
see pictures.

Looks like it is splitting at the space in the line of text, this is just word wrapping to a new line in your text display ?

it is just picking a random space in my data line on paste functions - sometimes its actually even does multiple "enters" in the same line. I would prefer to keep the data as one line upon pasting.

it is definitely tied to the spaces in some way though for sure, doesnt split in the middle of say 2500 making 25 00 or anything.
I could try a "replace all ' ' with '/n' " , but i feel like this is a sub-ideal solution.

From the images you show, there is nothing random about the position of the space or the supposed newline it always happens after the first #ZZ:ZZZZ. Tehre are no spaces after that so the remaining data is treated as one word. If this cannot fit on the line in your text display then it drops to a new line.

Random in that the next time I go to paste the data it will split at a different spot.

if I put everything together with no spaces, perhaps I can avoid this?

big duh - you were correct, its picking some space location on paste and then it just carries it in the formatting (UNLIKE ((the difference here to be aware of)) how text will wrap on a phone and show up normal on a computer. - which is more typical)
didnt want to screw up the visual part on the app, so simply did some replace functions upon copying data.

fixed - no issues now.
thank you

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