Taifun camera low resolution

How do I increase the resolution of photos with Taifun Camera extension? Whenever I take a photo I have to send it to a drive directory. But the resolution is very low, even if the quality parameter is set to 100.

This is how i store my image in my app after the picture is taken:

Possible solutions?

What image resolution setting do you have. The extension offers many options for this...

I set the size to 5760x4320(the max for my phone). It should save photos with the max resolution, but nothing...

The phone is standing still, so no problems of focus.

Please show your relevant blocks before taking a picture... especially how did you set width and height?
Also post the log from the After Picture event
Which device and Android version are you using for your tests? Did you try another device?


These are the parameters i set.

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A50 with Android 11, the camera is 25MP and in the Camera app i can take a photo with the resolution that i said before. Should i try to change the camera used?

EDIT: the photo is rotated, so the width and height are reversed


It's a bit strange. The end device of this application is another phone, so resolution isn't final.
But i can't test with that right now.

The log:

Is there a way to see the original photo from the phone memory?

from the log we can see width = 5750 and height = 3240
which values do you get for width and height from the After Picture event?

just deactivate the ImageToBase64 block

also I have seen you are using a clock to take pictures repeatedly... how did you set the timer interval?


I tried before:

and i got the right values.

I have a fixed timer read from a csv file in drive. For now it takes a photo every minute.

In which path i find the photo? I tried navigate the storage, but nothing. I just want to see the details and the quality of the picture itself

Found the solution!

The problem was the "image1" element. I shouldn't save the image taken to the Image element. The quality goes down if i do so. I converted the image to base 64 directly with the fileToStringBase64 function(extension: KIO4_Base641)
The changes are noticeable just by the dimension of the photo(1 MB to 5 MB).

Which means, the camera extension is working correctly

Use the directToBase64 block

Curious which part in the blocks you showed, you made the difference (how?)

The only change is this:

Now in the afterPicture event I upload the photo in Drive, without using the "Image" component to store the image.
This keeps the image with the original resolution

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