Taifun Camera Extension: Glitch on Android 11

When TaifunCamera1 .AfterPicture does not return the image on Android 11. I suspect this has to do with where the extension is saving the images? Should be saving in the ASD?

Try to set the path / FileName:

connect to Companion, make a right mouse click on this (yellow marked) block, "Do it":

and post the result.
If the problem persists, make a screenshot of the error message "does not return ...".

Thanks Anke for replying,

That does not show me any error but it also doesn't take a picture..

Ok, but what is the result of "Do it"?

So.. On the mobile phone it shows nothing but this is what I get when I click on do it in AI2. (But this worked on Android 7 & 8)
I had another issue with this extension with your idea of adding the global counter solved.. But there were no changes when I run it on Android 11.

...I also tried to store the picture from TinyDB and get it on the screen, but that too didn't work

You should make "Do it" on this block: → Image.Picture

Try this:


This should work on Android 11 devices.

You mean like this? :sweat_smile:

No, this:

I tried this but it shows the same like before..

No no, I mean you should run your app again and check if this works after taking a picture.

When I click on do it for this whole block:
The app takes the picture after I click the button but I have to click it around 2-3 times and the picture which is clicked is rotatedlikethis


This changes the result in other phones where the picture's rotation angle was perfect before..

It depends on the Screen.Orientation. If the picture was taken in portrait or landscape mode.

Still results in the rotated image on other phones :grimacing:

Which devices and Anfroid version?

Redmi 4A Android Version: 7
Samsung m30s Android Version 11

Strange, I don't see any reason why this should be different on different devices.

That is what exactly i'm thinking :thinking:
It shouldn't be rotated on devices with Android version 11. It should be same for all the devices.