Tabs for storing

hello, I don’t know where to post the idea, so I put it here (if necessary, you can move the thread).
is it possible to have tabs to arrange the blocks by “theme”
for example, I work on graphics, I open a tab that I call home graphics, I work on bluetooth code, I create a blutooth tab …
this will allow to have a more tidy code, it is more efficient.
What do you think ?
thanks for reading.Sans titre

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It’s a good idea - and as with many good ideas, something similar has been suggested. So, it’s on the Wish List, but requires a lot of work and so it isn’t a priority.

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Hello, everybody!
Suggestion about sorting blocks. (Sorry if I wrote in wrong category).
I suggest to add TABS to Viewer, so we could drag blocks to TABs.


I changed it :slight_smile:

Also there have been some suggestions on this already -

Topic 1 (Sorting App blocks)

Topic 2 (Tabs for storing)