TableViewer and search barecode

I made an app that fetches data from Google Sheet and displays it. It works very well.
But now I want when I scan a 2D barcode, it looks for that barcode in my list and LINE it up for me in green.
But with tableviewer I can't. I succeeded with a list via a preconfigured global variable and without a barcode scanner.
Here are 2 blocks, one of which is specific to the barcode.

You used the wrong type of loop block in your search for matching bar code.

Instead of For Each Item, use For Each Number from 1 to length of list ( table) , which gives you an index you can use to get at the matching row in your input table and your output whatever.

This also looks "wrong"


Either use item instead of select list item or replace global ListeProduit with item ?

Also use Do It with the companion app to check the value of the barcode returned against the values in your list. Are they the same / same format ?

listeProduit is a list of list.

'select list item(ListeProduit, 1)' will return a list, how could it equal to result (which suppose to be a string)? Change the ListeProduit in this block with 'item', as @TIMAI2 suggested.

Thank you yes i use item and my app run.
how to green the whole row and not just the cell?


where "3" is your index