TableView shutdown

I'm using a Tableview for displaying a list, I have also a button for deleting selected Item-, no problem for deleting an internal Item, but If I delete the last one and then I select another item the app shutdown.

TVtest.aia (20.1 KB)

Not sure.
On Table View Click, why not use the row value returned? Much easier than your current code.

Yes, I tried, but this change does not solve shutdown problem.

... are you using TableView v3 or v4?

Well, smells like a bug. Work-around is to make the last row blank and test the row selection:
TVtest_edit.aia (20.6 KB)

Try this one:
TVtest2.aia (24.8 KB)

I'm using v4

It runs well, but I can not see any changes compared to mine



Nope, your Project is using v3, Anke's copy is using v4.


I trusted your reply in #Post6 and wasted my time looking for a fix :koala:

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I'm sorry, i was sure i used the latest version, I apologize for wasting your time.
How can I check the extension version ?

In the extension section of the Designer click onto the questionmark next to the extension to get that window @ChrisWard was posting


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