TableView extension with dynamic table

Hi there, i got few question to ask.

  1. How to i change the format for time and date into double line instead of single line.
    Eg . 08/23/2022
    06:24 pm
  2. Can i set under only column T the YES or NO wording to other colour or bigger size text?
  3. Can I set if there is a YES word the whole row will become green and NO word the whole row will become red

Thanks in advance

below are my attached file
TableViewExampleV7 (1).aia (26.0 KB)

Two lines:

TableView.RowDelimiter: \n\r


but it didn't goes as planned.

another way to show a table view.
[GUIDE] Show table view in WebViewer, and custom styles - General Discussion - MIT App Inventor Community

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Thanks for the feedback. Can i get the AiA file from u? thanks

TableViewExampleV7_2.aia (26.5 KB)

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