TableView Extension Versions 3 and 4 by @Ken

OK, here is the best i can do with what you have, The tableview problem was with the colours - Default = BLACK, not Grey.

I have made quite a few changes, switching from text to lists, and removing components and blocks you did not need.

Nadi_revised.aia (341.1 KB)

Thanks a lot, I'll have a good look at it tomorrow :slight_smile:
I'll also need to fix the width of the two columns: "Activity" and "Notes", because the text that goes there can vary in length, so the table doesn't get too wide. It's possible?

You will need to play around with it, and decide whether the header will set the widths for the table, or vice-versa

Beautiful! Your blocks are very elegant :slight_smile: ...You have simplified them a lot.
There are still problems with the table, as you see in the picture (I just entered the data into your project), but I will solve them. Now I am applying your corrections and learning a lot!
Thanks again for your availability and time you spent for it.

Solved! I couldn't use \n as RowDelimiter because this symbol was used to create wordlists inside cells. So I set the \r\n symbol in the TableView settings and it worked! Now each item wraps correctly (I can scroll it horizontally) and the list in cells is also kept :slight_smile:


I fixed the colors of the rows and borders as best I could so that it doesn't bother when it increases in height. It would be better if the cell would fit in height, but I don't know if that's possible.
I fixed the column width by adding blank space in the string element and set MatchColumnWidths from table to header.

However, there is still a problem: when the text entered in the Textbox is long, the TableView cuts it if it's divided by spaces, if instead the word is long without spaces, the columns get messed up. How to fix it?

Can you share some sample data, we could try this out with Dynamic Table

oh, great! ...I am sending you my project :slight_smile:
Nadi (1).aia (374.0 KB)

Please generate 5/6 sets of data and extract them from the app, and send as a text file.

Fit all columns

Desired Column Widths (horizontal scroll)

Vertical Scroll with fixed headers


I have prepared a file with the data example.
I hope that's what you were asking me :slight_smile:
data examples.pdf (26.5 KB)

Tim ti ha chiesto un file di testo in modo da utilizzarlo, non un pdf.

Yes, but here it's not letting me upload .doc text files. How can I send it to you?

Try uploading it to Google Drive, share it so that anyone with the URL can view, and paste the link to here.

ah, here it is :slight_smile: it ok?

devi dare l'accesso a chiunque

In the sharing settings of Google Drive I set: "Anyone who surfs the Internet and has this link can see this item"
What can I do more?

Now I set also: "Editor" it enough?

I/you would need to do some work on your own aia project to incorporate the dynamic table.

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Of course, here you are :slight_smile:
I keep updating it, ...this is the last one:
Nadi (2).aia (376.0 KB)


please support to finish my app,
I used an extension for the view table, and already worked normally, I need to share the result after completing the table after finishing all work