TableView Extension Version 3 by @Ken

I do not believe it is possible to set 1st column not scrolling, just 1st row (header)

Maybe the Ken magician could do it

I'm not very far from the solution, can you help me ?
TableView_COL.aia (24.6 KB)

Can We make a Table like this:

It's a log sheet of daily vehicle inspection in a month. and Data can be acquired using regular components and stored in tinydb for table creation and pdf generation. After table I want to make it in a pdf format. Please guide if is it possible with your extension or should I use something else. But I also need pdf. Thanks.

  • You firstly need a Column Header tableview with just N
  • Need to work on cell heights so that they align
  • You might try a scroll handler extension to see if that can capture the scroll events, then you should be able to make the Column scroll in sync with the main data table ?

This part is possible inside the tableview


You will need to build the other elements around it

You can try the PDF Layout extension

It will capture the viewable screen/layout, so you will have to make it all fit on a screen, perhaps rotate to landscape to capture.

I'm not able, so I asked for help

Hi Ken, your ViewTable is really great, but I have set everything as indicated but I do not get your table (see attached photo), why?

I think you wrote /n instead of \n. Please kindly check it :slight_smile:

Did you fix it?

  1. in your blocks

  2. In Designer for Tableview

:slight_smile: ...I added RowDelimiter and this time I just copied the blocks from Ken's .aia project. This is what I get.

Did you change /n to \n ?


It looks like you still have a forward slash instead of a backslash

\n is required as the row delimiter

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Yes, I trashed my blocks and I pasted the Ken's blocks

Are you using companion?

If yes, then go to Connect menu and click 'Refresh companion screen'

Wait what? you said that you were using @Ken's blocks and that has /n. You should change it to \n. Please

Yes, now I have seen that in the original block is: /n
I changed all, I checked RowDelimiteer, refreshed companion, but I still have the table like in the last photo

What if you changed this

into this?

(the image is photoshopped)

I get the result as in the first photo

Send us the AIA file so we can analyze the problem for you