Tablet to Bluetooth device - Button Touchdown STAYS active after screen is minimized!

When a button on screen is touched, and finger stays on this button when for example the "HOME" button on the device is pressed, this touchdown event STAYS true on a Bluetooth device receiving from the tablet (i.e app screen has been minimized, finger no longer touching button - but, the bluetooth device reports button still touched - and it stays this was UNTIL you maximize the application screen again, and retouch and release the same button.

Not good for controlling mechanical objects!
What have I left out - any help appreciated.

When you're talking about minimizing and maximizing, are you talking about the app itself or a specific screen? (your wording is a bit vague)

I think I see what you mean. Perhaps you could use Anke's extension to find when the app is minimized, and then send a BT value.

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Thank you for the pointer it looks like what I need - on pause (app minimized) I need to possibly "Disable" buttons and then enable upon re-entry into app. I will try and post results thanks.