Tablet/phine screen switch bug

In the creator if I switch between the phone in size and the tablet in size resise. This thing only resize the choosen thing

Hello Gergo

I don't quite know what you mean - can you screenshot the problem and post here please, with a better description. If English is not your first language, reply in your language of choice and we will translate it.

Edit: If you mean the components do not resize from 'phone size' to 'tablet size' automatically, there are things you need to know:

  1. For an automatic resize according to Android device screen size, the components/arrangements need to be defined in %

  2. The designer is only there for getting your GUI design arranged, you must study your design on the Android device (phone, tablet) to see how it will actually look. You can use the Companion to do this (note - not the emulator!).

No no no. I am in phone size i click an other size and a componens got a random value.(height and width are self-explanatory) I know try this bug to show but its dont working now. Majbe its fixed