TableArrangement contents 'fill parent' issue

New to AI so maybe its just me but I have an issue getting the members of a TableArrangement to do a Horizontal 'Fill Parent'.
If I put a label in a screen and set its width to 'Fill Parent', it behaves as expected and fills horizontally.
If I then put a TableArrangement on the screen and set its width to 'Fill Parent', it also behaves as expected and fills horizontally.
However, if I place some labels on the TableArrangement (6 rows and 3 columns) and set any width to 'Fill Parent', none of the labels expand.
I can manually set the widths ok but they wont fill.

Here's the AI details:
Built: April 14 2020 Version: nb183c
Use Companion: 2.58a or 2.58au
Target Android SDK: 28 (Android 9.0 Pie)

Here's a pic of the screen layout:

I'm trying to set the middle column to fill horizontally.
All column 0 & 2 labels widths are set to 100px
All column 1 widths are set to 'Fill Parent' but as you see, they don't fill.

What am I missing?

Purtroppo TableArrangement vengono impostate manualmente e quindi la proprietà Fill Parent non può essere attivata.

Table arrangement a little buggy. Use combined horizontal and vertical arrangements istead.

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"Unfortunately TableArrangement are set manually and therefore the Fill Parent property cannot be activated."

Thanks for that

I'll put it up as a bug fix / change request,

I originally posted this here: but now I'm reporting it as a bug.

Place a TableArrangement on a screen, give it say 2 rows and 3 columns and set its width to Fill Parent.
Place a label in each of the TableArrangement cells and set the widths of any one column to 'Fill Parent', none of the labels expand.
I can manually set the label widths ok but they wont do a 'Fill Parent' and fill the table.


@WomblingFree the developer's are aware of issues in some circumstances with the Table.

You have the ability to use Zol's suggestions for display of your data (which work) or to use a Dynamic Table.... .

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Thanks for that. I'll check out the link.

Here is a bit of advice:
i assume that you want to fill the screen's width with the table arrangement
first of all set the width of the table arrangement as "fill parent"
then if you will set the width of all three labels as "fill parent" then the width of the table will be equally divided in all the three labels
:slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope It Helps!!

Thanks Shruti but not quite.
Column 0 & 2 are a set width. Its column 1 that I wanted to expand to fill the remaining width.

can you tell what width you have set for the three columns

Column 0 & 2 = 115px
Column 1 would be the 'fill parent'

here i have set the width the same and it is working maybe you should try to delete the table and make it againCapture

btw what is the text allignment for the labels?

As recommended by SteveJG you should dump the table arrangement and use vertical and horizontal arrangements instead. See attached aia and images:

replaceTable.aia (1.6 KB)



Or in TableArrangement try this:

YES! This worked for me. Thanks a lot

It is really works this way in table arrangement?
In other arrangemets everything is screen related. So I you make the left and right 35% the middle will be 30% of the screen. So if you make an arrangement 50% wide then if you set the inside arrangements to sum 100% then they fit the screen width and you only see what fits to the main arrangement. At least it worked this way 2-3 months ago when i tried to make a responsive app.