Table Viewer is not showing

Hello.. I am making an app for CRUD students data. The data base I used is PHP my admin. When I tested it on postman all the CRUD function is working. but when the 'show data' button is click the table is not showing.

I added notifier to check the data and it works.

The problem is table viewer is not showing that's all.
Here's the block:

If the ss is not clear enough this is the .aia file

UAS_JAVA (1).aia (61.3 KB)

what do I do wrong?
Can somebody help?
Thank you

You do not use the ShowTable method block

I am not convinced data_akhir is a table (list of lists).

It looks more like a one dimensional list of csv rows.

It's a shame you clear it after you use it.

You destroyed the evidence.

OMG *cry emoji * thank you so much!!

Can I ask one more thing?


Why the 'ekstensi' column cannot get the value from dictionary

The key in the data is ektensi.

Make up your mind.

You asked for key ekstensi, which is not there.

The Eye of ABG has spoken

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