Table does not show its text and label items

Hello Everyone,
I have a simple table arrangement(visible) with 2 columns and 6 rows (horizontal arrangement) and visible too. while when I run the code anything inside the table DOES NOT SHOW at all. could you give me a hint on how to fix this seemingly simple matter?

I also receive this Runtime error:
Error from Companion: error: unrecognized method. (irritants: setDefaultScope)
while the code on the iPhone runs as expected. item in the table does not show and other labels outside of the table show!!??

I have also set table arrangemnt1 to be visible too

In one post I noticed this line of suggestion:
You do not use the ShowTable method block
what is ShowTable method!? where I find that and how to use it please?

This sounds like you are using an older version of the companion that doesn't include the DefaultScope property implementation. At the moment I think this is only in the version on TestFlight not in the App Store but I will have to double check my release notes.

I am kind of surprised knowing that with such an issue in the companion software, how other users deal with or bypass it. I assume there must be plenty of users that implement some sort of table with contents that need to be visible to make use of the app. Any suggestion to correct this matter, please. Thanks.

This is not a property of the table arrangement but of the Screen. You can change the DefaultScope property in the Project Properties dialog to the default, which is App, and the setDefaultScope error should go away.