Table arrangement... issue?

Hi there,

sorry... I'm a really beginner... and... I read many tutorial and guides... but i cannot find an answer :frowning:

In image you can see a tabel arrangment with 4 buttons set absolutely identical... why this?
Table arrangment has been set with: Automatich width and Automatic Height
Buttons are:
16% Height and 48% Width

Could you help me to understand please? :slight_smile:
Really thanks

I would recommend that you do not use a table arrangement. Use vertical and horizontal arrangements to create your layout.

Thank so much... So I'll use 2 Horizontal arrangement.

Is it maybe possible to know why Tabel Arrangement doesnt work properly?

The complexity of the problem increases as the product of the number of rows and columns.
The size of the AI2 programming team remains constant and small.