Table and/or Textbox designer

Hello . I am currently trying to develop a table or horizontal/vertical arrangement with textboxes that looks like a chart. Here is an example:


Here you will see that each block in the chart is a textbox or at least im trying to achieve this same chart using textboxes.
i remember about fill parent in the designer properties, but its not working for me. i tried a couple of different things for example changing background color , fill parent, etc. but i cannot seem to achieve this design format for my textboxes. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Table or Chart ? Two different things ?

Why “build” a table when there are extensions and javascript options that will build the table for you, and provide opportunities for getting data back from them?

I still find this the most impressive tableview extension.

It is made by @Ken.

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Hello Choppa

Looks like you are trying to define a spreadsheet or similar? Size the TextBoxes in % values - that way, they will fit different size devices.

Here is a sample if you want to use a Canvas …

Thank you all so much for the help i really appreciate it!

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Ask everyone

Did it happen

After performing TableView multiple display back and forth, and clicking the column on the screen several times (the click will be displayed in yellow)

Frequent program interruptions and jump back to the main screen

(The program ends and cannot continue)

Especially when "ShowRowColorSelected" is turned on, it happens more often.