Table and get parameters

I have a table and want get parameters in math formula.
For example i determined a number and want see my answer set between to correct number in trope range of table or not.
My answer is 23
Min: 20 max:25
Occasionally my answer is 19 and lower or 26 and higher and out of range.

I have many numbers of min and max on table of pressures and temperatures.

Totally i want write my answer in textbox and set value of favorite pressure and temperature.then show to me my answer is between min and max value from table or not.

Something this way you can filtre records,

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Thank you but my table have many parameters for correct solve.
See my uploaded table image

That you need to device a mechenisume to availe your tabel to AI2 territory and once you are done with importing that table as list of lists, you can feed it to loop and filter data using coditional statements. In community there are guide and tutorials, how to access data from sheet. That you can utilse.

If you want to highlight which table entries are out of range using background color,
use a table of Label components like in

Your table looks to be too big to fit in any common device display.
Consider using List Pickers for the headings (both column and row headers) to home in on the cells you want.