Tab Button Of my mobile Keyboard


I have made an app on MIT app inventor which calculates determinant of a matrix.

But Tab button of my google keyboard disappears at the time of inserting values.

Hence, i have to select each textbox and insert value every time,

Is there any way to enable tab button of keyboard of my phone.

Thank you

My MemuPlay emulator's keyboard responds to my PC's tab key.
I use this Clock Timer event to advance focus down a list of text box components ...

I don't know your phone keyboard, but I have seen lots of customizable keyboard apps in the Google Play store.

P.S. These blocks can be dragged directly into your Blocks Editor workspace.

do you know why it is showing that error or how can i remove it?

Because you have two identical clock blocks on your screen.

No, thats not the case, I have used for only one time,
I think there is another problem,
I have not imported any extension for using clock,
Is it the problem?

Yes. Add a clock component to the project and the problem will be fixed. The clock is not an extension, it is a built-in component. It is in the sensor group.

I am sad to report that my idea failed in test.

The tab action I saw was purely due to my emulator, not to my blocks.

For test, I switched my text entry box order in my global list to force a zigzag tab order upon the tab list. However, the tab action advanced the focus in row and column order in my test.

App details ...

tab_order_generic.aia (3.2 KB)

Try Taifun's Textbox Extension

This has a listener event for Enter pressed, and allows modification to the keyboard

That extension is not being downloaded @TIMAI2

The Sourceforge download works OK for me. If the download does not start, click on the Problems downloading button, this should give you a link, or restart the download.

I had better results using the Enter key with all text boxes set as multi-line.
Here's a demo:

sample run tab_order_generic.aia (3.4 KB)