T9 Decoder : Decode Letters to Keypad Numbers Easily!

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T9 Decoder

What does the app do?

Ok, have you seen such a number? Like 1-800-AYPRODUCTIONS ? This is just an example. So, you wonder, how do I type the letters while calling someone?! No problem! This app will help you to translate those letters into Numbers. Although it is translated, but in some places it is not!


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Downloads and other things

Download Link (Google Drive, as suggested by @Gordon_Lu): https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1vY_rGO91mYn-v1lVWeStAUqDP6eYRAv6 (This is not a virus. As i don't know to make it)

Credits: Clipboard extension by @Taifun.

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it is currently not available but is under construction!