Syntax Error: quote in unquoted text cell. Cannot parse text arguement

I am unable to get the following link (or some others just like this) to app inventor project as csv text. It was working before!!

"Cannot parse text argument to "list from csv table" as a CSV-formatted table.

Same link in the browser, I am getting a csv file downloaded immediately.

I want to receive this list and just for now, since it is a test list, be able to see the contents in a label. I want to perform some operations after.

like a,b,c,d etc.

Try setting your google sheet permissions to "anyone can view"

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hi tim. thanks. So the above link is showing after updating to "anyone can view"

Now, this link is troubling me

I get error code 400.
The response content shows some html and contains the following message in the end

The server cannot process the request because it is malformed. It should not be retried. That's all we know.

The link is working well on a browser, but its not when my app is calling it.


Same issue. AppInventor knows nothing about your google account, you must therefore ensure that your spreadsheets are set to "anyone can view" if you want to download data using the format you show.


This is what happens when you ignore the permission problem.


Hi ABG thanks for a that screenshot.

Permission was already "anyone can view" and still you got "You need access".

I was still facing the error in the app, but for me the URL was working fine in the browser.

Dug a little deeper, in the settings icon

and checked the download, print, copy option. Voila! Same link started working in the app. Yay.

Both "anyone with link can see" and "viewers ... Download, print" option must be checked on for the app to be able to download data.

Thanks. @TIMAI2 and @ABG both legends

In the meanwhile I created a new sheet and and used = ImportRange(,) to get the job done.

Probably because you were logged into your google account in your browser....

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Exactly, that's why ABGs screenshot led me to check the ..Download.. Option.

I am just floored and enlightened by the effectiveness and the necessity of an amazingly responsive community at AI2. Sigh!

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