Syntax Error: Quote in unquoted cell

Hello all! I tried and can’t do a google sheet access. Every time I got that message “Syntax Error: quote in unquoted cell. Cannot Parse text argument to “list from csv table” as a CSV Formatted table”.

Please, if someone has had this error and solved I would be so gratefull to solve too.

Using this tutorial. I´ve tried for about 5 new sheets and 15 builds! Every time the same error!

Needs to see your blocks and your data (spreadsheet). Last time this came up, there was something different about the text content in the sheet that created this error

This is the spread sheet:

This is the blocks:

Thanks for your fast reply. I´ve discovered the issue. It was a problem related to sharing the file.

From your blocks you are not setting the spreadsheet url ?


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Hey Carlos!
I’m getting the same error. Tried making new files a number of times, still didn’t work.

How did you solve it exactly?


Is you problem with the content returned as csv or a permissions issue with the spreadsheet ?

“Tried to make new files” ?

What do you mean?

I meant that I tried creating the apk as well as the Google Sheet a number of times.

I figured it out though, it did have an issue with the Spreadsheet permission. I set it to “Public - Anyone with Link can view” and it’s working fine.



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