Switch property missing (ThumbColorActive) from Block view


i see that the property “ThumbColorActive” of “Switch” element is missing…

Why this? Is it a bug?

ThumbColorActive not present in Block view: Cattura

Please, see the attached image.

Thank you.



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I just checked the code and the block is there but it’s set as invisible. I don’t know whether this is a mistake or intentional. I don’t see a reason why the ThumbColorActive block would be hidden if the ThumbColorInactive block is visible.

Maybe @Susan_Lane can shed some light onto this?

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We don’t have any reason that I know of to ever set that block to invisible. Checking now.

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Well, congratulations. You seem to be the first person who has tried to access this property in blocks, or at least the first one who mentioned it on the forum.

This looks like it was probably a bug since the release of Switch.

I’m logging it now. It’s a simple fix.


Great news. Thank you all for your support/commitment! :slight_smile:

Happy to help you.



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The fix is in. I assume it will go out with the February release.


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