Switch problem, when i turn on i want the others to be off

Hello everyone,I hope you're doing well
I have a problem with switches, I want when I turn the switch on the other one turns off, it used to work but I lost track. now both can be on and not on, it's messed up

I tried all these combination, it gives the same result

Try to check whatsapp_switch inside its Changed block...if On, the other off. And smilar for the other switch.

Switch Changed event blocks drive me nuts, with their cascade effects.

How about just a single Button, with .Text equal to

  • email or
  • whatsapp

that toggles between the two values each Click event?

So instead of testing switch.On, test the contents of the Button.Text


May I also understand what the problem actually is here? :thinking: I can't see any at all.