Swapping sizes (monitor to phone) ruined my app

I was working in monitor view yesterday as easier to see all components in scrollable arrangement.

Changed back to phone size and now nothing will scale correctly. On all 3 sizes (phone / tablet / monitor) all the scaling is completely off. Components are being stretched as if screen size is massive.

Changing Height / Width of components does nothing (either percentage or pixels.)
I keep receiving error messages but pop-ups do not follow through to be able to report bug.

I have no more ideas. I'm worried I will have to start app from scratch as this now happens with back-up check-point too.

Please help! All suggestions welcome!

Do you by any chance have a TableArrangement in your project, if so did you also copy/paste something in the TableArrangement..

If the above is correct then your project got somewhat corrupted however, it's fixable.

If you share your aia then someone will be able to help you!

Your layout widths are set to fillparent size, did you enter pixels?

Have you tried reloading the browser?

Well, by the appearance of the screenshot and the description it reminds me of these topics here, here and here.

Just by looking at the layouts in its design, I can't see the table view there. Maybe he adjusted the application width to the monitor view by entering the width in pixels.

Do you save versions of your Project? (create an aia, Checkpoint, Save project as...). If you do, reload a previous version. If you do not, start saving before you get tired and start making mistakes; on big projects, every half hour; before you make complex screen design changes etc.
Using one of the methods to save a 'good' version of a Project is what the experienced developers do because everyone has an issue once in a while and do not want to lose hours of work.

Hello Jimmmy

I have some tips on building a GUI on my website, I think they will help you:

Hi Boban,

yes - there is a table arrangement and yes - I did copy and paste an element.
Where should I share the aia? I would be so thankful if it can be fixed!

You can share here or send it via PM..

But if you want to fix it on your end and you don't have much content in your TableArrangement the you can simply delete it.

P.S. after you have done that you need to reload the page.

Thanks for all your suggestions!
Deleting the TableArrangement solved the corruption and I can just re-make that element.
(I back-packed a lot of the code for it before and its all gone back in okay.)

I do keep check-points but this was meant to be a quick lite version of a large project to do some fast diagnosistics.
I didn't have as many as normal and there is a lesson learnt there!

Thanks again

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