Изображения .svg не отображаются (.svg images not showing)

I can see the images on the website, but I can't see anything on the phone during the test. I want to use then these .svg images on canvas.

.aia code if you will test, check tab "фигуры"
paint (1).aia (618.5 KB)

You will need to use a webviewer to display svg graphics


I haven't seen how to use it in your link... Mybe better to add the ability to use the .svg extension as the background image without any extensions, because in browser it work.

With the specific extension in order to use and test load from assets you must compile apk and test it

Now it would be easier to load all icons using dictionary blocks , see example

Also you can reduce your blocks by using any components blocks instead of repeating yourself

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And I have one more question, for some reason the background change does not work for me


What should I see and what do I see. Tnx but how can I do it normally and not black?

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