Survey to Improve App Inventor's website user experience + looking for user interview participants

Hi everyone!

My name is Diana Hernandez. I am a member of the User Experience (UX ) team at App Inventor. The purpose of this survey is to identify user perception and behavior regarding App Inventor's website and its main features. Your responses will remain anonymous, and will only be used to improve the user experience of App Inventor's website. This survey only takes about 5 minutes and your contribution will be greatly appreciated!

I had sent this post last week, but the previous survey had some issues regarding the organization's email.This one should work. You will need a gmail address. Let me know if you have any issues.

I am also looking for participants in user interviews. If you are interested in being interviewed please direct message me.

Thank you so much for participating.

Link to Survey:


Do we also have to give an interview?


Just fill in the form provided, and please read the topic again.

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Did you understand my reply @Nishyanth_Kumar?

You can PM OP if you want to take an interview.


ok i dont want to, thank you

I fill it