Supprimer avec notificateur dans googlesheets

bonjour , j'aimerais supprimer une ligne dans googlesheets mais je voudrais demander l'accord de supprimer avec le notificateur, y a t'il un exemple ?

Hi, use a notifier with choice and use the after choice block to manage the answer . If confirmed run the block to delete.

j'ai fais ça mais ça ne fonctionne pas

Would be very appreciated to show block in English .
Anyway, do you want to chose item to delete by notifier or only the confirm to delete ?
The first way is more difficult because you can't show all your items , make the choice by a listview or similar and save it in a variable.
The second way is very is , I can see on the right (probably) the choice notifier and down the after choice .

You have to place the notification in Click block of the button (you have already correctly that part) and, if the user select Oui then call to the Url to remove the row so, that call to Url must be inside the AfterChoosing block and be called only if the user selected Oui. You also need to set global response variable to supprimer.

Then, as you already know, the response of that call would be received in GotText block where you can execute a specific action for this response with the if statement you have marked with the blue arrow.(for example to notify that the deletion has been executed or whatever)

désolé pour la traduction et merci pour vos informations , c'est bon j'y suis arriver

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merci j'avais juste inversé les blocs

No problem. I can easy translate your text but I can't easy translate image , blocks are important to give you a good help to solve the problem.
Have a nice night :wave:t2:

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