Suppress timeout notification


I have a web-component for which I set a 1000 ms timeout. When it does timeout, there is a huge annoying notification pop-up that covers almost my entire screen. Is there a way I can disable this notification? I programmed it such that if it the request "times-out", it'll call the GET request again, so I don't want this notification to be obscuring my UI. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello labznet

Using the Screen ErrorOccured Block you might be able to suppress the Notification. Are you using the Web .TimedOut Block?

1000 ms is not very generous, if you at least doubled that you probably wouldn't have a time-out.

Hi @ChrisWard,

Thank you so much for replying. Yes, I'm using the web .TimedOut block. But i can't seem to find an ErrorOccured block anywhere. As for the value, I do need it to be at 1000 ms, so thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Ah, i found the block. So do i just add that block in and 'do nothing'?

While you are developing the block is useful for tracking down errors. See my website for a snippet:

For the released App, if you still need to suppress the notification, you can try:

Thanks! I'll do the evaluate but ignore result. It's just a simple app that's been working for months. Just wanted to remove the timeout notification. Cheers!

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