Super dev mode not making changes on future compiles

While " Hot-reloading GWT code with 'Super Dev Mode " the change in code updates in the very first compile, but when I am making further changes and compiling it, it does not show the effects and this is the meaage I receive in the shell for further compiles stating "skipped compile because no input files have changed"

[java] GET /recompile/ode
     [java]    Job
     [java]       starting job:
     [java]       binding: locale=en
     [java]       binding: user.agent=gecko1_8
     [java]       skipped compile because no input files have changed
     [java]       0.123s total -- Compile completed

how to keep on making changes to each compile? please help.

Which files are you changing specifically? Super dev mode will likely only pick up changes to classes under the package. Any changes to the server or to the Blockly editor files will require that you rerun ant noplay since those packages won't be monitored by super dev mode since they aren't directly part of the GWT client.