Sum with dates of date-picker

Hello everybody.
Can you tell me if this operation is correct?
My app report me a issue but I don't understand where's the error.
I'm trying to do this:
dif = datepicker + 30 * (pos - 1) - CDate("27/05/2021")

This is the message:

Furthermore I cannot display the result of changing of the datepicker into its label, I do it so:

This occurs because of select list item delete that

Your split at '/' failed because you added extra " inside the text blocks for '/'.

Since there is no '"/"' in your dates (only '/') your list had only 1 item.

BTW the Clock component from the Sensors drawer has the math blocks you need.

Thanks to all of you.
I solved

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Hello everybody,
I must compare 2 dates but I'm not able to do it.
I tried this but a very long error comes out:

"Datario" is DatePicker.

If you are going to use blue math blocks to compare dates, give it numbers to compare.

Milliseconds (from 1970) is perfect for this.

Look in Clock blocks for conversions.
Sample project:

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