Sum of two variables

Hi i'm new , i want to sum 2 variables from a text box but i have every time an error: " empty string can't be added" anyone can solve this?tank you

You seem to be in the wrong community. You should be asking this in Kodular community, based on the color of your blocks, and the underscores in your component names.

Are you sure you want "sums"? Sums are additions, for example, you calculate the sum for 1 + 2. Do you mean "multiplication"?

However, what I can tell you is that that is because you cannot multiply empty strings. You have to detect whether the inputs are numbers. An example may be this.

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Math blocks hates "empty strings" so in order to avoid it


But I think this query is not necessary:



I confirm that with the last query it can be deleted, thanks everyone for the answers


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