[Suggestion] Select all button for managing projects

Can we have a Select All button in the Projects page and the Trash page? It's a pain to remove old projects one by one.

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That's a really good suggestion!

Meanwhile you can at least select multiple projects together instead of transferring them one by one


There are actually technical issues (Browser/Server, I do not know). We already have, in the Projects Menu, Export All Projects. However, for all but the shortest of lists, this function times out.

I will assign this Topic to Jeffrey Schiller as he is our expert on this.

Edit: - the Assignment function is not finding Jeffrey, so I am assigning instead to Evan.

If the goal is to delete all projects in the trash, a button to do that might be better than having a select all option.

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What if we want to delete 99 projects and keep 1 the newest? E-mail pages use such mechanisms for selecting all items. There is also a check box at the top, after selecting it, all wanted boxes are automatically selected. We can then deselect those we don't want to delete.

If you don't want to delete them why put them in the trash to begin with?

I think the author was not only about the recycle bin, but also about the main project folder.

Ok. That would make more sense then. However, we don't paginate the project list so beyond a few simple projects I expect that at some point this would have little value (basically, any time you want to keep more projects than you want to throw away).

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